About Us

Bringing 100% Natural Nutrition and Protection to your Plants

CAT TUONG SPS CLEAN TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY was established in 2006, is a Vietnamese agricultural biotechnology trading company. The company specializes in the production of microbial fertilizers and biological products for agricultural cultivation.

The company has always been dedicated to contributing to the agricultural industry in providing outstanding quality. As professionals, we recognize the importance of developing strong working relationships with our farmers, distributors, researchers, suppliers and partners and we will try to provide the best organic products for the development of clean and sustainable agriculture in the country.

We have produced and supplied hundreds of thousands of tons of microbial organic fertilizers and organic-derived bio-products every year for millions of hectares of agricultural cultivation across the country, achieving an average growth rate from 25-30%/year, products have also been exported and recognized effectively in a number of countries around the world.

Our products meet all national standards and regulations for regulated fertilizer production and many internationally recognized standards.