Herbal Medicine

Herbal Cultivation

We organize, manage, cooperate, provide technical guidance, supply seedlings and agricultural materials for cultivation, collection, preliminary processing, processing and preservation of tens of thousands of hectares of medicinal plants. Finished raw materials are purchased by us, serving as input materials for a series of manufacturing factories, large domestic and international pharmaceutical companies.

Medicinal plant growing area

Vietnam has a long stretch of land and rich soil and climate conditions. Many varieties of precious medicinal plants are preserved and propagated. We are also involved in guiding and helping growers achieve organic certifications.

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Medicinal Preliminary Workshop

Our system of preliminary processing workshops is distributed throughout the major medicinal growing regions across the country. The activities of purchasing, preliminary processing and preservation comply with the strict regulations of the pharmaceutical industry.


Producing functional foods

We organize the production and brand development of many functional food brands with good health benefits and completely meet the standards of organic production. This activity includes processing for domestic and foreign brands.

Homeopathic Treatment